SpaceTech Consultants offers Training/Short Term courses in the following domains

1. Satellite Communication

  1. Basics of Satellite Communication and Broadcasting
  2. Satcom System Design (Ground and Space segments)
  3. Advances in Satellite Communication and Broadcasting
  4. Tele-Education
  5. Advances in Antenna system Design for Satcom Systems
  6. Advances in RF and Microwave Design and measurement

2. Remote Sensing

  1. Basics of Remote Sensing
  2. Image Pre-processing, Data Processing and Data Products

2.1 Microwave Remote Sensing

  1. Basic concepts in Microwave Remote sensing
  2. Active and Passive Microwave Sensors
  3. Synthetic Aperture Radar
  4. SAR Signal Processing and Image formation
  5. Millimeter Wave sounders

2.2 Image Analysis

     - Image Processing
     - Digital Photogrammetry
     - Image Classification
     - Pattern Recognition

2.3 Geomatics

     - Geographical Information Systems
     - Photogrammetry
     - Automatic Mapping

2.4 RS&GIS for Natural Resources Management

     - Data integration
     - RS&GIS for mapping, infrastructure planning
     - Environmental studies

3 Developmental Communication

     - Multimedia Content generation