We have been associated with the development and utilization of space technology for more than three decades. Our academic background and areas of expertise are given briefly below.

1. Dr K L Majumder PhD (IIT-Kgp)

   Former Scientist/Engineer-H/Deputy Director (SAC/ISRO

Areas of Expertise
   Signal and Image Processing; Large Scale Software Development;  Geomatics; Remote Sensing    Applications & Project Management

   Tel : 91-79-26764145(R), +91-9909017270 (M)                   Email : klm@spacetechconsultants.com

2. N S Pillai M Tech (IIT-B)
   Former Scientist/Engineer-H/Associate Programme Director, Microwave payloads (SAC/ ISRO)

Areas of Expertise
   Microwave Remote Sensing, Radars, RF and Microwaves, Antenna, Satcom and Project    Management

   Tel : 91-79-26922673(R), +91-94273268029 (M)                 Email :nspillai@spacetechconsultants.com

3. Dr Aishwarya Narain PhD (Uni. of Allahabad)
   Former Scientist/Engineer-G /Project Director, (DMS/R&D) (SAC/ISRO)

Areas of Expertise
   Remote Sensing Applications & Disaster Management

   Tel : +91-9879133828 (M)                                             Email : aishwarya@spacetechconsultants.com

4. A K Kaul B Sc., DFTII,
   Former Scientist/Engineer-F (SAC/ISRO);

Areas of Expertise
   Development &, Corporate Communications.

   Tel : 91-79-27436339(R), +91-9825065626 (M)                   Email : admin@spacetechconsultants.com

5.S K Singh, M E (IIT-Roorkee)
   Former Sci/Eng G/Group Director, Satcom Payloads Integration Group (SAC/ISRO);

Areas of Expertise
Satellite Communication, Onboard Communication Systems, RF and Microwaves and                   Project management

   Tel : 91-79-26870105(R), +91-9427048861 (M)                Email : sksingh@spacetechconsultants.com